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ACACIA HONEY : Acacia, a light and clear honey made from nectar collected from the blossoms of Acacia tree in Rajasthan. It is one of the most popular and sweetest honey varieties because of its mild delicate floral taste. It can remain in a liquid state for a long period of time due to its high concentration of fructose. Because of this it is also one of the best honey types for diabetics. People suffering from diabetes can consume little acacia honey in the morning. People suffering from diabetes have an excess of glucose in their blood. Thus, acacia honey that has less glucose and more fructose is better accepted by a hypoglycemic person. Known for its therapeutic action, Acacia cleanses the liver, regulates the intestine, and is anti-inflammatory for the respiratory system. It has been used in traditional Russian medicine to treat several ailments, including respiratory infections, insomnia, kidney disease and headaches. This honey is excellent for sweetening without altering the taste or the aroma of beverages. It’s great with tea. It’s so mild that it doesn’t affect the tea’s aroma which you would want to retain. Also, kids love this honey. Its sweetness also perfectly balances the salty tang of cheese.

Disclaimer :
“Organic Monkey procures pure raw honey directly from tribals and passionate beekeepers all over India. It is unadulterated, unprocessed, unblended, not microfiltered or infused with anything. Pure raw honey never stays the same. As it ages, its color, consistency and/or taste profile may change, crystallization may occur when the natural glucose settles on beneficial microparticles in the honey.”